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Daily Mail aligns with American Right

‘Rightminds’ – which was always going to be a cesspit of ideologically driven drivel – has surpassed even my expectations today with what must go down as one of the worst pieces of ‘journalism’ I have ever read on the Mail website. The article – ‘Death is a fitting punishment for grown-up societies‘ – is […]

Will the Daily Star dig up dirt on Richard Peppiatt?

I am sure by now that you have heard about and probably read the letter of resignation written by Richard Peppiatt explaining his decision to leave the Daily Star. In many ways the letter is merely stating the obvious – describing the stories he made up and the ‘cascade of shit’ that poured from the […]

Bad Journalism

As has been highlighted before on this blog┬áthe Daily Mail is particularly adept at exploiting the PCC’s ruling that ‘headlines are not actually part of a story’ and hence do not have to be accurate. I was browsing through the brilliant Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science blog this morning and found an excellent article highlighting another […]

Daily Mail Reporter gutted at lack of nipple

The Daily Mail was terribly disappointed today when it missed a chance to write a pointless story about a celeb… with a bit of nipple or lady-lips on display. Ashley Cole was inconsiderate enough to hide his wife’s underwear much to the disgust of crouched paparazzi who couldn’t wait to sell some flesh to the […]