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Daily Mail still lying about asylum seekers and social housing

Tweet In July 2009 the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released a report on social housing in which they correct the misconception that asylum seekers or immigrants somehow are top of the housing queue. The BBC reported: There is no evidence that new arrivals in the UK are able to jump council housing queues, an […]

The ‘Wilful misreporting’ of Immigration

Tweet Tabloid Watch has already covered this, but I think it is worth repeating on this blog – in fact it is worth repeating on every blog until it starts to sink in: tabloid coverage of immigration is a dishonest disgrace. Panorama reporter Paul Kenyon has written an article for the latest issue of British […]

The BNP: Another Consequence of the Tabloid Press

Tweet I received a BNP leaflet through the door the other day from Kay Thomas, my local BNP candidate and meant to post on it straight away, but got distracted by Gillian Duffy and the whole ‘You can’t talk about immigration‘ issue. However, picking apart a BNP leaflet is too easy a task to ignore, […]

A Talk About Immigration

Tweet Yesterday I tried to point out that the whole notion that immigration was something that we were not as a society allowed to discuss was beyond ludicrious. I updated that post with today’s front page of the Daily Mail to demonstrate that the right-wing press are as keen as ever to portray immigration as […]

‘You Can’t Talk About Immigration’

Tweet ‘You can’t talk about immigration’. I seem to be hearing this phrase all the damn time lately. Isn’t the world a strange place sometimes. I could have sworn that a huge amount of time this election has been spent talking about immigration. I was absolutely certain that both TV debates featured all three leaders […]

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