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‘Could Spider-Man become a reality?’ asks Mail Online

Tweet For some reason the Mail Online editor has filed this article under ‘Science’: ‘Could Spider-Man become a reality? Bizarre white cobweb found on nuclear waste that could have come from a ‘mutant’ spider’. The article – remember Dacre today telling the Leveson inquiry that the Mail employs some of the finest journalists around – […]

Met Office responds to Mail on Sunday article

Tweet Following on from my last blog post about David Rose from the Mail on Sunday telling us to forget about global warming I will provide the full statement from the Met Office that was given to Rose before the article was published (he just chose to ignore it): A spokesman for the Met Office […]

Another rhetorical science question

Tweet Via Twitter I read on the BBC website an article about a bacteria that was able to take ‘arsenic on board in its cellular machinery’. It was discovered in an Californian lake and the BBC calmly explain the meaning of the discovery: John Elliott, a Leeds Metropolitan University researcher who is a veteran of […]

The answer to the rhetorical question is always likely to be ‘NO’

Tweet The Daily Mail headline: ‘Is wi-fi radiation killing off trees? Study blames computer signals for dying leaves‘. The claims made at the start of the article: As if our magnificent trees didn’t have enough problems, they’re now being threatened by our emails… Now researchers say radiation from wi-fi networks that enable our burgeoning online […]

The Media Scaremongering that Never Was

Tweet The Daily Mail has an article today about who was to blame for the Swine Flu scare: ‘The pandemic that never was: Drug firms ‘encouraged world health body to exaggerate swine flu threat”. In it they level the blame solely at the feet of the World Health Organisation and ‘profit-hungry drug companies spreading fear’ […]

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