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OK, enough, this has to stop

Tweet The Daily Mail is still publishing stories about the BBC’s non-banning of AD/BC from ever more bizarre sources: The ‘journalist’ behind this article is Simon Caldwell and if he doesn’t realise that this story is a complete lie, then he must be one of the most incompetent journalists around, or one of the most […]

George Carey: ‘Challenged’

Tweet George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, weighed in a couple of days ago (not sure how I missed it) on the BBC unequivocally NOT BANNING THE USE OF AD/BC: ‘Why are we letting the BBC abandon the Year of our Lord?’. This myth is interesting because we’ve all been there at the inception of […]

Mail on Sunday becomes Daily Star

Tweet This has already been covered by Tabloid Watch, but it’s worth covering here just so you don’t miss out on the full splendour of the Mail on Sunday’s front page today: The article is also currently the leading story on the Mail website as well: The article starts with some common claims: The BBC […]

Melanie Phillips: in her own little world

Tweet Melanie Phillips. Mad Mel. Someone who I recall was once memorably described on Twitter as ‘batshit, faeces up the wall insane’. It says something that even in the reality vacuum, outrage baiting world of Daily Mail columnists, Melanie Phillips can still pull out a column so deranged that you have to re-read its title […]

Hypocrisy (again)

Tweet Sometimes you just need a screenshot to demonstrate how hypocritical the Daily Mail is: So, the BBC is criticised for showing something that the Daily Mail takes great pleasure in raking over for the delight of morbid readers. As for the question ‘Can TV stoop any lower?’ I can only refer to the words […]

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