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Reporting in ‘good faith’, again

Tweet The Daily Mail have jumped on some figures obtained by the Daily Telegraph from the Metropolitan Police on black crime statistics: ‘Black men ‘to blame for most violent city crime’… but they’re also the victims‘. As with most Daily Mail journalism this article – from Rebecca Camber – is a copy-and-paste job from the […]

A lie about Tesco breaking the law

Tweet Another classic misleading headline – although misleading is a bit euphemistic, it is a clear lie from the Daily Mail: Has the practice of selling lager below cost price now law? No, of course not as the content of the article clearly states: Tesco has emerged as the only supermarket to be ‘caught’ pricing […]

Fact-checking and ‘good faith’

Tweet A while backĀ  I posted a blog on the charming story of a pig that had a phobia of mud, and pointed out that it was in fact a story completely made up to sell sausages and promote a campaign for the fairer pricing of pork. I linked to the PR company which was […]

Another misleading headline about human rights

Tweet Daily Mail headlines are so frequently laughably inaccurate, just to secure the right amount of outrage as people rush straight to the comment section to shit-out their ignorant opinion. This is never more true than compensation paid out with even a vague mention of human rights. Take this top story for example: All that […]

A Fishy Tale

Tweet Hot on the heels of the cute pig in wellies suicidally promoting sausages comes this story about a Piranha supposedly caught in Kent: ‘Mystery of the killer Piranha caught by angler in a FOLKESTONE pond‘. As unlikely as this sounds the original headline is one of the most laughable that I have seen in […]

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