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Rebecca Leighton innocent, who will the press smear next?

Tweet Recently 8 newspapers agreed to apologise to Chris Jefferies and pay him damages for libel after they destroyed his reputation because he happened – unluckily – to be the landlord of murder victim Joanna Yeates. After having his character completely destroyed on the front page the newspapers only deemed an apology worthy of page […]

Press reform: the challenge of addiction

Tweet It’s becoming increasingly clear that a substantial section of our press is no longer serving to report the news, but rather functions as a full-blown arm of the entertainment industry. Accuracy, journalistic integrity and moral decency have been replaced by the overwhelming desire to sell as many newspapers and as much advertising space in […]

What kind of person buys the Daily Star?

Tweet I tweeted the other day that anyone who reads the Daily Star must have the intelligence of a slug. I received quite a few responses, the majority informing me that I was being offensive to slugs, but one person who wanted to point out that his dad was an intelligent chap and read the […]

More classic back page headlines

Tweet From the ever-excellent Football365′s Mediawatch section: When Mediawatch saw Pep Guardiola’s comments about Jack Wilshere, we sighed and knew, just knew, that the tabs would run around screaming and wettting their pants like little boys who’d had too much Capri Sun. For the record, Pep said (in his second or third language, note): “Wilshere […]

The extent of Daily Star research

Tweet From the good folks at F365′s Mediawatch: Maybe Mediawatch is being snobbish, but we don’t imagine those at the The Daily Star to be the spiciest chillies in the pot. Therefore, their exciting news story, trailed on their back page, that David James was apparently ‘DRUNK when he agreed to join Bristol City’, was […]

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