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More classic back page headlines

Tweet From the ever-excellent Football365′s Mediawatch section: When Mediawatch saw Pep Guardiola’s comments about Jack Wilshere, we sighed and knew, just knew, that the tabs would run around screaming and wettting their pants like little boys who’d had too much Capri Sun. For the record, Pep said (in his second or third language, note): “Wilshere […]

Not entirely convincing

Tweet Flicking through the Daily Mail today I couldn’t miss the double-page spread hailing ‘King Xavi’ (a very talented Spanish footballer). I also immediately recalled a very unflattering jibe made by the Mail about Xavi a couple of years ago, such a prominent jibe that even the Daily Mail thought they had better try to […]


Tweet From the excellent Football365 Mediawatch page today: Lazy? Part One You may have spotted a story doing the rounds about some betting shenanigans in the Newcastle v Arsenal game that seems to have originated from a French TV station. Several news outlets picked it up, but many pooh-poohed it. Such as The Daily Mirror’s […]

‘The Mail is an irony-free zone’

Tweet The Daily Mail’s back pages seem to have started highlighting young footballers who should be playing for England, but the articles are a bit odd to say the least as Football365′s Mediawatch has pointed out for the last two days. It started yesterday with this: The Daily Mail are on fine form this morning. […]


Tweet From Football 365′s MediaWatch section today (a must read for fans of this blog): Those newspapers who do not have Harry Redknapp on their payroll had to scratch around for an angle on Tottenham’s Champions League draw. And scratch around they did… Opening paragraph in the Daily Star: ‘Peter Crouch’s wish was granted last […]

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