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The Daily Mail and the Gay Agenda

Tweet /* This post originally appeared on my old blog on 30 April 2009. As part of the migration of content from my old blog I may occasionally post them here as a current post if I feel they are relevant. Due the the constant themes / narratives in the Daily Mail old posts often […]


Tweet It seems to be a week in which Daily Mail headline writers are competing with each other to create the most offensive headline. Earlier in the week we had that headline on depression, yesterday we had Jan Moir giving her message to students in receipt of EMA: And today we have a story about […]

Spot the swastika

Tweet Compare and the contrast the two images below. The first is a picture of the gay couple turned away from a hotel, who recently won a discrimination case against the owners. The second is the Daily Mail cartoon by Mac, who is covering the story in his own unique style. See if you can […]

Siding with the enemy

Tweet This is part one of ‘Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series‘ In August 2006 Richard Littlejohn in an article about Muslims entitled ‘If they hate us so much, why don’t they leave?‘ wrote about Muslims that a: sizeable minority… have no desire to adapt to Britain. They want Britain to adapt to them. For a […]

The Shameful Daily Express

Tweet Utterly, utterly appalling. Cannot quite bring myself to really go into this right now. Words just somehow don’t feel like enough in cases like this. Update: The Enemies of reason has two posts on this, both of them well worth reading, so go here and here for those. Left Outside has a brilliant post […]

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