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Dear Paul Dacre

I watched your video on the Daily Mail website in which you celebrated the conviction of David Norris and Gary Dobson and in which you expected the Daily Mail to be praised for securing the conviction thanks to your vainglorious headline back in 1997 that accused 5 men of murder. I listened at your anger […]

Kia Abdullah is not a Guardian columnist

Paul Dacre, and therefore the Mail, seems to hold a special contempt for the Guardian. Dacre’s speech to the Society of Editors back in 2008 had lots to say about the criticism that newspapers received – largely because Dacre: passionately believe[s] that Britain has the best newspapers in the world and – indeed, our papers […]

Hypocrisy (again)

Sometimes you just need a screenshot to demonstrate how hypocritical the Daily Mail is: So, the BBC is criticised for showing something that the Daily Mail takes great pleasure in raking over for the delight of morbid readers. As for the question ‘Can TV stoop any lower?’ I can only refer to the words of […]

An unhealthy obsession

The Daily Mail seems obsessed with Suri Cruise. A quick search of MailOnline returns 420 matches for ‘Suri Cruise’, here are the top ten results: Weary Suri Cruise snuggles up in her favourite pink ‘blankie’ Suri Cruise holds on tight to mum Katie Holmes – and her make-up bag Suri Cruise looks even cuddlier than […]

Why police have not named latest suspect

The Daily Mail have published this explanation on their website, I have highlighted the most humorous, hypocritical pieces: Police today took the unusual step of refusing to reveal the name of a suspect in Jo Yeates’s murder investigation. It is common practise for people to be named on arrest but the investigating team have refused […]

What is worse than leaflets stirring up racial tension?

I know it is not news to anyone that the Daily Mail is staggeringly hypocritical, but sometimes it is just worth repeating because they do something like this: Phil Woolas is a deeply unpleasant man who not content with authorising the forceful deportation of children during his time as Immigration Minister also decided to run […]

Question answered

The Daily Mail asks – in the current lead story on its website: ‘Why is atheist Nick Clegg considering sending his son to the same exclusive Catholic school as the Blairs?’. To which the current top-rated comment on the article answers rather succintly: Still, it is always amusing to hear the Daily Mail accuse someone […]

The Daily Mail vs humanity

Cardinal Walter Kasper’s comments that landing in Heathrow was like landing ‘in a third world country’ was clearly a complaint that Britain has far too many awful black people and foreigners. The comment seems rather strange, given that the defense wheeled out for the Catholic Church is always along the lines of: ‘Sure, they raped […]

One rule for the BBC…

Tabloid Watch has already covered the Daily Mail’s hilarious attack on the BBC over their ‘voyueristic’ coverage of Wimbledon and pointed out that when it comes to voyeuristic coverage of Wimbledon the tabloids are streets ahead. Yet I’ll mention it here because I have access to a print edition of the Daily Mail and it […]

Iain Dale: Bullshitter

According to Wikio Iain Dale is the most influential blogger in the UK. This is disappointing, not only because he talks shit about immigration and repeats tabloid lies, but also because he is far more a political spinner than a real blogger. For example, his comments regarding the BBC election night exit poll were as […]