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An ethnic roundup

As promised here are the blogs that covered today’s tabloid capital letter racism: Lenin’s Tomb – “Ethnics” Carmen gets around (II) – Ethnics, Ethnics, EVERYWHERE The enemies of reason: Express and ‘ethnics’: Now the veil has gone & Open letter to Express advertisers Tabloidwatch – Richard Desmond attacks ‘ethnics’ and ‘asylum scroungers’ & Those editorials [...]

Something for the weekend 13 June 2010

After two nights of football and lager I’m going to point you in the direction of stuff to read, rather than attempt to create it. Tabloidwatch covers the latest media scare: ‘Taliban uses HIV bombs’ and wonders why it is left to people outside of the media to perform basic fact-checking? Perhaps this all goes [...]

Some Important pre-election links

It has been a very busy week for the blogosphere and Twitter, given the wealth of bullshit being printed by Tory-supporting newspapers. One of the best round-ups of this can be found over on Tabloidwatch and makes essential reading, also pay Die Dog or Shite the Licence a visit for his take on this story. [...]