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Daily Mail outraged at outrage

Tweet Have a look at the third paragraph of the Daily Mail’s article on Jeremy Clarkson’s comments about strikers: In a day of extraordinary overreaction to what was clearly meant as a joke, one union official threatened to report him to police, while another said his comments were worthy of Colonel Gaddafi. This is from […]

Here lies Winterval: 1998-2011?

Tweet So, after a lot of resistance – distorted, truth-bending resistance – the Daily Mail have published a correction after Melanie Phillips claimed that: Christmas has been renamed in various places ‘Winterval’. Tabloid Watch has charted the great effort the complainant – regular Tabloid Watch reader James – went to in order for the Daily […]

Amanda Platell on Rory Weal

Tweet The Daily Mail is nothing if not predictable. After Nick Clegg made a good impression during the first party leader TV debate Mail writer en masse set about doing their best to smear him – as if they had received orders from on high that they just had to work in some kind of […]

Melanie Phillips and libel

Tweet Melanie Phillips’ second email to me is really quite interesting for such a short piece of writing. She claims that my blog post is: highly defamatory and contains false allegations for which you would stand to pay me significant damages in a libel action. OK, fair enough, so immediately it leads you to think: […]

Publishing emails…

Tweet I have had some criticism on Twitter and in the comments on site – not to mention from Melanie Phillips herself – for publishing contents of the emails that she sent to me. I can understand the criticism, and it is something I have never done before and I doubt I will ever need […]

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