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Women: Stop Bloody Whingeing

I’m always astonished that the Daily Mail is supposedly read by more women than men. The Daily Mail does employ a lot of female writers, but these writers seem to be employed solely to write the most misogynistic drivel from a female perspective. It’s why their articles always seem to weave this fact into the […]

You know why

Today’s Daily Mail front page features a big plug for the Daily Mail ‘Femail’ section and asks the question: Penny Smith’s article tried to look at the reasons why women might feel this way and she identifies: Fairy stories Dolls – specifically Barbie Playground pressure Boys – who have posters of glamorous women on their […]

Too many brown faces in Question Time audience, says Littlejohn

Appropriately, Richard Littlejohn’s last appearance on BBC’s Question Time came on the first of April 2010. It was in Stevenage and Richard Littlejohn looks back on this appearance in his column today – a column that calls for Question Time to be scrapped and ‘put out of its misery’. Why exactly does he want the […]

Daily Mail deals with domestic abuse

The Supreme Court has ruled that courts should recognise psychological domestic abuse as well as just physical violence: Lady Hale said that ‘violence’ can also include ‘strength or intensity of emotion, fervour and passion’. She said the legal understanding of domestic violence had moved on ‘from a narrow focus upon battered wives and physical contact’. […]


On the Daily Mail website for your consumption right now: ‘Countdown numbers girl Rachel Riley left blushing after contestant’s word is “panties”‘ Hosts of top TV show Countdown were left with red faces when a contestant spelt ‘panties’. Numbers girl Rachel Riley was left blushing and host Jeff Stelling was left smiling as the rude […]

Money for nothing

Peter Hitchens is somehow paid for being a hateful little man. If one writer really embodies the backward, bigoted bitterness that is the Daily Mail then it is him. Staggeringly misogynistic, sneeringly homophobic and unflinchingly elitist his latest column argues that university is a place where people become ‘parasites’ and learn nothing whilst wasting taxpayers […]