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Melanie Phillips: in her own little world

Tweet Melanie Phillips. Mad Mel. Someone who I recall was once memorably described on Twitter as ‘batshit, faeces up the wall insane’. It says something that even in the reality vacuum, outrage baiting world of Daily Mail columnists, Melanie Phillips can still pull out a column so deranged that you have to re-read its title […]

What about the real news?

Tweet Today’s Daily Mail editorial condenses all of the basic arguments that have been trotted out by their ever-so-compliant columnists in the past week as to why we should all forget about hacking and move onto something else: ‘Never mind phone hacking, what about the real issues facing Britain?‘ [istyosty.com link]. In the real world, […]

Dear Paul Dacre: there is more to journalism than sales

Tweet Paul Dacre has long tried to assure readers that the freedom of the press is critical to its survival. This includes the right of the press to continue its system of self regulation and to be protected from ‘the scandalous fees charged by lawyers in no-win no-fee cases’ – fees payable when a newspaper […]

It’s the end of the World as we know it

Tweet And I feel fine: But, come on Daily Mail, just admit it: if newspapers could die of shame you would have been buried years ago.

Waking-up to the real state of our tabloid press

Tweet It is a huge story. The allegations that the News of the World hacked into Milly Dowler’s phone and not only listened to the messages but also deleted some of them to free-up space for new messages which, according to the Guardian, led to: friends and relatives of Milly concluded wrongly that she might […]

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