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Too many brown faces in Question Time audience, says Littlejohn

Appropriately, Richard Littlejohn’s last appearance on BBC’s Question Time came on the first of April 2010. It was in Stevenage and Richard Littlejohn looks back on this appearance in his column today – a column that calls for Question Time to be scrapped and ‘put out of its misery’. Why exactly does he want the […]

How Richard Littlejohn gets paid to recycle his own crap

Richard Littlejohn dedicates his main piece today to more ‘elf ‘n’ safety’ bans, calling it ‘a special Guy Fawkes edition of Mind How You Go’. I was going to go through the claims one-by-one, but as the first claim unraveled it become so amusing and lengthy that I don’t think I’ll bother. Instead, enjoy a […]

Richard Littlejohn: ‘no excuse’ for ‘lazy, biased reporting’

Richard Littlejohn – unsurprisingly – has no sympathy for the ‘self-pitying grumbles of the “victims”‘ of the government cuts. He identifies the ‘victims’ as: from bone-idle Welsh benefit bandits who can’t be bothered to catch a bus five miles to get a job, to middle-class teaching assistants complaining that the ‘cuts’ will mean they’ll have […]

The terminally stupid Richard Littlejohn deserves our sympathy

I know it is not news that Richard Littlejohn has no compassion or empathy for anybody deemed foreign to him – or unworthy of life in his eyes – but his column today demonstrates just how deep his misanthropic xenophobia runs in that he cannot even comprehend how anyone else could be compassionate about somebody […]

The world is full of sexually deprived saddoes with a laptop and a broadband connection

I live in South Wales and my drive to work has been affected over the last year by the construction of a new bypass around Church Village. The last few months I noticed some metal structures being built over the roads (like posh goalposts), which I initially thought were for hanging road signs from. Then […]

Mind how you go, Richard

Another day, another lazy ‘Mind how you go’ section from serial bullshitter Richard Littlejohn. This week he casually claims that: In Suffolk, the police are giving stolen bikes to young offenders to help them look for work. Of course, this is not true and if Richard could be bothered to try and remotely justify his […]

Richard Littlejohn’s throwaway ‘facts’

This is part three of ‘Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series‘ Richard Littlejohn’s columns always contain a few titbits of misinformation in which he repeats – normally with exaggeration – stuff he has read in the Daily Mail. Yesterday’s column was no different when he was making the usual slurs against gypsies. At the end of […]

Richard Littlejohn on torture

This is part two of ‘Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series‘ It is vitally important to understand that Richard Littlejohn does not condone torture, but that he does condone torture whenever he writes about it. I’ve described the Daily Mail writer / reader’s use of the word ‘but’ as essentially an admission that they are about […]

Siding with the enemy

This is part one of ‘Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series‘ In August 2006 Richard Littlejohn in an article about Muslims entitled ‘If they hate us so much, why don’t they leave?‘ wrote about Muslims that a: sizeable minority… have no desire to adapt to Britain. They want Britain to adapt to them. For a large […]

Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series

You may have noticed a campaign started fairly recently by Tim Ireland, a longtime member of the legendary b3ta.com to get Google images returning pictures of Richard Littlejohn for searches of ‘cloaca’ and ‘pictures of feathery mess-holes in searches for “richard littlejohn”‘. So, you may be wondering exactly what a ‘cloca’ is, I certainly was: […]