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Thomas the Tank Engine Bans Christmas!

Tweet Kind of, according to the Mail on Sunday Reporter: ‘Thomas the Tank Engine forced to carry ‘decorated tree’ for ‘winter holidays’ as Christmas is banned on Sodor‘. The article claims: Thomas the Tank Engine has been accused of joining the politically correct bandwagon after Christmas was written out of one of his adventures. The […]

Terrible Journalism

Tweet The Daily Mail’s coverage of the election has been a disgraceful, dishonest, scaremongering mess. But then what else could you expect from a newspaper that constantly makes stuff up. Take this story for example: ‘Hospital worker who saved 60 fish from drained ornamental pond ‘faces prosecution and ¬£1,000 fine‘*: A hospital worker who rescued […]

Richard Littlejohn’s ‘Permanent opposition’

Tweet We all know that Richard Littlejohn is a hypocritical lying, hateful, bigoted, cowardly little shit of a man. But sometimes he still manages to surprise us with just how little he cares about openly being an absolute hypocrite. Visit his website and the brave, poison-penned hero takes pains to inform us that: Littlejohn has […]

Gary: Littlejohn with Crayons

Tweet Tabloidwatch has already pointed out that Richard Littlejohn’s drivel on town hall ‘Nazis’ is about as reliable and factually accurate as normal, but I felt that some comment must be made on ‘Gary’s’ accompanying picture. Not for the first time it seems in pretty bad taste. If you haven’t seen it, here it is, […]

Disabled Bastards Wasting Parking Spaces, Says Mail

Tweet There are not many minority groups that the Daily Mail haven’t attacked and disabled people are no different. Today – in a wonderful example of what has become of investigative journalism – the Mail have uncovered the shocking truth about disabled parking bays: ‘Revealed: Why all those disabled bays stay empty‘. The article seems […]

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