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Tweet ‘Facebook puts vulnerable children at risk of depression, warn doctors‘ [istyosty link]. From the article: ‘A lot of what’s happening is actually very healthy, but it can go too far,’ [Dr Megan Moreno] said… Parents shouldn’t get the idea that using Facebook ‘is going to somehow infect their kids with depression,’ she said. Too […]

The Family Paper

Tweet I don’t think this screengrab needs much of an introduction because it’s become so typical of what you can expect to find on the wall of flesh that makes up the Mail Online ‘Femail’ section: The question in particular is a very unsavoury reminder of the recent Mail coverage [link takes you to No […]

You know why

Tweet Today’s Daily Mail front page features a big plug for the Daily Mail ‘Femail’ section and asks the question: Penny Smith’s article tried to look at the reasons why women might feel this way and she identifies: Fairy stories Dolls – specifically Barbie Playground pressure Boys – who have posters of glamorous women on […]

To churn, or not to churn

Tweet Earlier in the week Ginsters – famous for pasties and pies – decided to get some cheap advertising by conducting a poll using Onepoll.com that they knew would appeal to the Churnalists out there. Naturally the poll is referred to in sombre tomes as a ‘study’ and it just happens to confirm the sort […]

Why do women buy the Daily Mail?

Tweet From today’s ‘Femail’ section:

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